Pennsylvania Income Taxes and State Tax Forms 2013

  •  Where is my Pennsylvania State Tax Refund?
  •  Where is my Federal Tax Refund?
  • How to file a Pennsylvania Tax Extension    
  •  How to file a Pennsylvania Tax Amendment

Prepare and efile Your Pennsylvania Tax Return

The tax software makes it easy for you to prepare efile your PA taxes online. All Pennsylvania state tax forms are available for you to prepare and efile.  You can use to prepare and efile your Pennsylvania state tax return (whether you are a resident, nonresident, or part-year resident) together with your federal tax return, or to simply prepare and e file your state and federal returns separately. When done, will provide you your federal and state filing status. Should you have to make any corrections, will provide you instructions on how to correct your PA income tax return.

Pennsylvania  State Tax Return Forms 2013

Pennsylvania Income Tax Filing Deadlines

The regular deadline to file a Pennsylvania state income tax return is April 15.

Tax Deadline Date Type of Income Tax Return Filing Deadline / Due Date Description
April 15, 2014 2013 Pennsylvania State Tax Return Due date for Pennsylvania State Income Tax Returns - income tax filing deadline
April 15, 2014 2013 Pennsylvania State Tax Extension Due date for Pennsylvania extension requests and automatic extensions
October 15, 2014 2013 Pennsylvania State Tax Return Last day to efile a 2013 Pennsylvania State Income Tax Return for tax extension filers and late efilers

View all state tax return filing deadlines here.

Find federal income tax return filing deadlines here.

Pennsylvania  State Tax Return Forms 2013

PA State Tax Forms

Past Year Forms: Tax Year 2012 Pennsylvania Tax Forms (Print, Fill Out, and Mail)
Form PA-V Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher
Form PA-40 Individual Income Tax Return for Residents, Nonresidents, and Part-Year Residents (including Payments, Credits and Donations)
Form PA-40 ES Individual Declaration of Estimated Personal Income Tax
Form REV-1630 Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals
Schedule A/B/O Interest, Dividend Income and Other Deductions
Schedule C  Profit or Loss From Business or Profession
Schedule D Sale, Exchange, or Disposition of Property
Schedule D-1 Computation of Installment Sale Income
Schedule D-71 Sale or Exchange of Property Acquired Prior to June 1, 1971
Schedule E Rents, Royalties, Patents, and Copyrights
Schedule F Farm Income and Expenses
Schedule G-L Credit for Taxes Paid to Other States or Countries
Schedule J/T Income from Estates or Trusts/Gambling and Lottery Winnings
Schedule OC Other Credits
Schedule SP Special Tax Forgiveness Credit (Parts A, B, and C)
Schedule UE Allowable Employee Business Expenses
Schedule W-2S Wage Statement Summary


Where’s My Refund? – Check Your Pennsylvania State Tax Refund Status

If you efile a Pennsylvania tax return, your refund will generally be processed within 4 weeks. Processing may take 8-10 weeks if you filed a paper state return.

Check the status of your PA tax refund.

 Pennsylvania  State Tax Return Forms 2013